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    Xinjiang Lehua Paint Co., Ltd. is the Shandong Lehua Group in response to the strategic development of the western region in Xinjiang to invest in the construction of an independent legal personality of the enterprise. The enterprise was founded in August 2003, is located in Urumqi Dongshan District Dongshan Industrial Park on the 18th, covering 38,200 square meters, a total investment of 12 million yuan, with the most advanced production lines in Xinjiang million tons. The main production and operation of "music of the card" "Le Liya" that "Leliya" brand paint and international trade business, the registered capital of 8.8 million yuan. More than 50 employees, its leading products "Leliya" brand paint a total of more than 70 varieties of color, and in 2010 won the "Xinjiang famous trademark" title, in 2011 won the "standard credit products" certificate, the company has the Autonomous Region Economic and Trade Commission Issued by the import and export qualification certificate, its products are mainly exported to five countries in Central Asia, such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries, and has advanced equipment, strong technical force, improve the quality inspection system, advanced management concepts, the company Staff to carry forward the "Hing music, dare to be the first" spirit, size up the situation, seize the opportunity to use their own advantages, in the industry serve the country, into the world's corporate philosophy, set up a sound marketing system, and the establishment of the Russian website, For the company's quality products to the five countries in Central Asia and Xinjiang market has laid a solid foundation. Product quality standards HG / T2455-1993, now "music" brand "Leliya" brand paint in Xinjiang, Xinjiang has been the majority of users love.
    We in the "integrity-based, Houdezaiwu" business philosophy, law-abiding business, according to chapter tax; in the complementary advantages, mutually beneficial win-win principle to strengthen cooperation in all aspects, so that enterprises bigger and stronger, let us music With their own hard work and wisdom to send people to a colorful world.